Traineeships – helping young people gain skills for Apprenticeships and employment

Traineeships will begin from August 2013 and offer young people aged 16-24 the opportunity to develop the skills and workplace experience that employers want and put them in a better position to compete for an apprenticeship or job.

Who are Traineeships for?

Traineeships are for young people who are:

  • Keen to work, but need some extra help with confidence, training or work experience before applying for an apprenticeship or job.
  • Aged 16-24 (or those with Learning Difficulty Assessments up to academic age 25)
  • Qualified below Level 3 (A-levels or level 3 BTECs/NVQs)

Traineeships offer employers the opportunity to shape young people’s training and experience, creating a larger pool of high quality applicants for their sector to draw on. Employers can influence the design of traineeships in their local area to make sure they provide young people with specific skills and attributes that will benefit their business.

What are Traineeships?


Traineeships are fully-funded training courses that will last a maximum of six months. The core content of the programme will consist of a high quality work placement, employability training (including CV building, interview and communication skills, customer service, business environments etc.) and work-related English and maths. Providers and employers will have the freedom to bring these elements together in the best way to engage and support individuals, so that they are prepared to take the next steps in building on their skills and future careers.

Employers will be at the very centre of traineeships, delivering high quality work placements in partnership with an eligible provider. In 2013/2014, eligibility to deliver traineeship provision is limited to providers who hold a 16-19 funding agreement with the Education Funding Agency (EFA) or a 16-18 Apprenticeship funding agreement with the Skills Funding Agency (the Agency) and who, like Weir Training Ltd, have achieved an Ofsted inspection grade of Outstanding (Grade 1) or Good (Grade 2).

How do Traineeships work?

Learners are given a period of employability training before being placed in a work environment. Work placements will be between 2- 20 weeks; learners then get an interview (ideally for an existing vacancy or apprenticeship opportunity), feedback and a reference. Employers may choose to transfer the learner to an apprenticeship or to paid employment at any point.

Traineeships are fully-funded; work placements are considered an essential part of the training so learners continue to be eligible for JSA throughout the course.

If you are interested in finding out more about applying for a traineeship or offering a work placement, please call us today!