Aged 24 or over and thinking about an Advanced or Higher Apprenticeship?

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Learners aged 24 and above* will be able to apply for 24+ Advanced Learning Loans for course fees, if they wish to study at Level 3 and Level 4, including Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships. Applications for loans can commence from April 2013 for all courses started from August 2013 and are repayable only when the individual earns more than £21,000.

Loans will replace the grant funding previously available for this cohort of learners, as the Government focuses available resources on young people, adults without basic skills and the unemployed.

At Weir Training we will be offering courses which meet the loan criteria for Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships.

Further information will be published as it becomes available


Individuals who:

  • Are aged 24 and above at the start of their course (there is no upper age limit)
  • Are resident in the UK
  • Have previously not had a loan to do the same qualification type and level of qualification
  • Are undertaking an eligible course at an approved college or training organisation in England

Loans will not be means-tested or subject to credit checks and any individual who meets the criteria above will be able to apply for a loan irrespective of their current employment status.

Note: Weir Training Limited is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority and does not offer any guidance, advice or recommendations as to the suitability of the 24+ Advanced Learning Loans in relation to an individual. It is important that individuals take into account their own circumstances and take appropriate advice from authorised organisations.

Further information

  • For more information about the courses and qualifications we offer please visit our website or call us on 0800 101 901.

*Who meets the eligibility criteria

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