More People take up Apprenticeships than go to University

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A record number of job seekers are choosing apprenticeships over university.

Those going on the “earn as you learn” route have overtaken the number of those going to university for the first time since the eighties.

A huge 520,600 people started their training last year against 464,910 beginning degree courses. That is double the numbers who were choosing apprenticeships as recently as 2009.

While only a measly 45 per cent of graduates find jobs to fit their skills, 85 per cent of apprentices land jobs straight after getting their skills with 64% staying with the same employer.

The latest figures show that for every £1 invested in apprenticeship training, Britain’s economy gets £18. Each apprentice boosts a business’s productivity by £214 a week leading to all apprentices on target to bolster the UK economy by £3.4 Billion over the next ten years.

It is not just school leavers who are deciding that apprenticeships are the best way to get into a career. Nearly half of all apprenticeships are now aged over 25, up from under a fifth in 2009 and for the first time ever more than half are women.

There is a huge range of apprenticeships. At the last count there were 1,500 roles available in 170 industries.

Currently 100,000 employers offer apprenticeships with 17,000 apprenticeship vacancies available online at any one time.

Top 10 most popular Apprenticeships in 2011/2012

1)     Health and social care – 67,020

2)     Customer service – 57,920

3)     Management – 43,330

4)     Business administration – 42,700

5)     Hospitality and catering – 34,840

6)     Retail – 30,990

7)     Children’s care and development – 25,060

8)     Industrial applications – 17,700

9)     Hairdressing – 15,810

10)  Leisure centre and fitness jobs – 15,520

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